How to Catch Trout with a Drop Shot – Amazing Underwater Trout Strikes and Reactions

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We’re diving under the surface on the E Park Fishing Channel to see how trout react when they see different baits thrown at them. We’ll get to see trout biting, spitting out and striking some of the most common baits in the quest to find which one is the most effective, and why others don’t always work as well.

Drop Shot Video:

Camera Set-up Video:

Underwater Fishing Camera Comparison:

It started out by simply putting an action camera underwater and watching the fish — but it has evolved into much more. Getting the bait on camera, and getting a strike to happen was a challenge that is so rewarding to watch. Not only because it’s entertaining (and sometimes funny to watch the fish fighting for scraps!), but because it’s useful information for any fisherman. “Why did I lose that fish?? Why wasn’t my bait working??” are common frustrations among anglers. Personally, I learned a ton from looking at the underwater bite footage, and I KNOW it will make me a better angler when it comes to using bait. These tips are sprinkled throughout the video in the commentary!

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