New World Best in Slot Fishing Gear

Today’s topic is figuring out New World’s Best in Slot Fishing Gear so we can make the most profit from our end game fishing. We do this by prioritizing and scoring all the possible fishing perks and gear. I’ll explain in detail how I value and score each of the fishing perks, then we will go over what I feel is the best in slot fishing gear currently in the game as of patch 1.04.

My Legendary Fish Guide:
My Fishing Quest Chain Guide:
My Overview of Fish in New World:

00:00 Today’s Topic
00:33 Scoring Criteria
02:32 Rarity vs Size
03:33 Fishing Perks
04:40 How good are the Rarity Perks?
06:07 How good are the Size Perks?
06:30 Scoring the Perks
06:50 Best in Slot Fishing Gear
09:50 Best in Slot Fishing Pole

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